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Make Your Old Vehicle A New HHO Hybrid!

HHO Dry Cell will turn any engine, car, truck,motor cycle, or recreational vehicle into a hybrid.
How can a HHO DRY CELL help you? Imagine running down the road 60 miles an hour using the amount of gas it takes for your engine to Idle. Thats what this does. 
Saving fuel costs by making your engine greener and cleaner by using less fuel and lowering your carbon footprint.
Here at, your satisfaction with our HHO Dry Cells and accessories are our priority.

          We carry only the highest quality 12v automotive HHO dry cells and home HHO dry cells that electrolyze water into a Hydrogen-Oxygen gas mixture to be used with any Combustion engine. It doesn't take a Rocket scientist to figure out that if you split a water molecule into its separate molecules it becomes H2 (2 parts hydrogen)and O(1 part oxygen)which now is a flammable HHO dry cell gas you can use to inject into your intake to improve fuel efficiency. "Well how much more efficiency", you might ask? With the right system you can achieve over 70% and higher fuel economy. That’s almost doubling your gas mileage using a HHO Dry Cell. These HHO dry cell systems are on demand hho systems, meaning you are not storing any HHO gas, just using it as it is created while the engine is running. HHO Dry Cell violates no warranties and is simple to hook up and understand. Don't understand you say? Then we will teach you! All HHO DRY CELL units come with procedures and instructions so you or your mechanic will feel comfortable during installation! See a HHO Dry Cell installed Here! As with all our hho dry cells we have the best in quality you can find and we offer full support from order to installation, as well as service, (In Our Local Area). We want to try and save you money and help the planet at the same time. 

Looking for something special that you don't see here, let us know by visiting our Contact page. If We Don't Have It Then We Will Find It!

We value your business, and we know you have other options, ($$ like buying a hybrid $$) so we do everything we can to make your experience with Gas Crusher’s an excellent one.

 Whether you're looking for a hydrogen dry cell generator for yourself or just looking for more info on what running your car on water is all about, you will find what you need here. Here at we carry a wide variety of hho dry cell generators to choose from to fit most any budget, or any ride. LET US CUSTOM BUILD A KIT FOR YOUR CAR!! All we need is the engine size and vehicle make and we can get you a free estimate from there.

A few reasons to shop with us:

  • We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service.
  • We offer the highest quality hho dry cell s and accessories available.
  • We provide fast shipping on all in-stock products.

You'll want to bookmark our site so you can check back for our regular HHO DRY CELL updates, HHO Dry Cell news, specials, Coupons and more. We do everything we can to bring you the latest and highest quality HHO Dry Cell, info, products and accessories. Enjoy!

Mythbusters give HHO Cells a bad name. Watch Now!


Please remember this is all experimental technology! Many variables effect  hydrogen-oxygen production. This is not a boxed appliance from your typical store, some of these units are parts for a larger project,such as servicing your home appliances with Hydroxy gas, that you are working on. You are responsible for using these units safely!  Please call me if your are interseted and have no clue as to how to use one of these and we will try to find someone qualified in your area. Always keep in mind that you are working with "high  voltage", "highly conductive water" and an "extremely flammable gas" with oxygen present! Thats 2 of the 3 elements needed for a fire! The other is a ignition source or spark so please be careful in your experiments with these units! All  safety precautions should be taken at all times!

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