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120V Home Unit Package120V Home Unit Package
Astronaut 21 Plate HHO Dry CellAstronaut 21 Plate HHO Dry Cell

Make Your Old Vehicle A New HHO Hybrid!

HHO Dry Cell will turn any engine, car, truck,motor cycle, or recreational vehicle into a hybrid.
How can a HHO DRY CELL help you? Imagine running down the road 60 miles an hour using the amount of gas it takes for your engine to Idle. Thats what this does. 
Saving fuel costs by making your engine greener and cleaner by using less fuel and lowering your carbon footprint.
Here at, your satisfaction with our HHO Dry Cells and accessories are our priority.

          We carry only the highest quality 12v automotive HHO dry cells and home HHO dry cells that electrolyze water into a Hydrogen-Oxygen gas mixture to be used with any Combustion engine. It doesn't take a Rocket scientist to figure out that if you split a water molecule into its separate molecules it becomes H2 (2 parts hydrogen)and O(1 part oxygen)which now is a flammable HHO dry cell gas you can use to inject into your intake to improve fuel efficiency. "Well how much more efficiency", you might ask? With the right system you can achieve over 70% and higher fuel economy. That’s almost doubling your gas mileage using a HHO Dry Cell. These HHO dry cell systems are on demand hho systems, meaning you are not storing any HHO gas, just using it as it is created while the engine is running. HHO Dry Cell violates no warranties and is simple to hook up and understand. Don't understand you say? Then we will teach you! All HHO DRY CELL units come with procedures and instructions so you or your mechanic will feel comfortable during installation! See a HHO Dry Cell installed Here! As with all our hho dry cells we have the best in quality you can find and we offer full support from order to installation, as well as service, (In Our Local Area). We want to try and save you money and help the planet at the same time. 

Looking for something special that you don't see here, let us know by visiting our Contact page. If We Don't Have It Then We Will Find It!

We value your business, and we know you have other options, ($$ like buying a hybrid $$) so we do everything we can to make your experience with Gas Crusher’s an excellent one.

 Whether you're looking for a hydrogen dry cell generator for yourself or just looking for more info on what running your car on water is all about, you will find what you need here. Here at we carry a wide variety of hho dry cell generators to choose from to fit most any budget, or any ride. LET US CUSTOM BUILD A KIT FOR YOUR CAR!! All we need is the engine size and vehicle make and we can get you a free estimate from there.

A few reasons to shop with us:

  • We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service.
  • We offer the highest quality hho dry cell s and accessories available.
  • We provide fast shipping on all in-stock products.

You'll want to bookmark our site so you can check back for our regular HHO DRY CELL updates, HHO Dry Cell news, specials, Coupons and more. We do everything we can to bring you the latest and highest quality HHO Dry Cell, info, products and accessories. Enjoy!

Mythbusters give HHO Cells a bad name. Watch Now!


Please remember this is all experimental technology! Many variables effect  hydrogen-oxygen production. This is not a boxed appliance from your typical store, some of these units are parts for a larger project,such as servicing your home appliances with Hydroxy gas, that you are working on. You are responsible for using these units safely!  Please call me if your are interseted and have no clue as to how to use one of these and we will try to find someone qualified in your area. Always keep in mind that you are working with "high  voltage", "highly conductive water" and an "extremely flammable gas" with oxygen present! Thats 2 of the 3 elements needed for a fire! The other is a ignition source or spark so please be careful in your experiments with these units! All  safety precautions should be taken at all times!

KT Series 220 Torch and Engine Clean System

KT Series 220 Torch and Engine Clean System
Click to enlarge image(s) Introduces
KT Series Hydrogen Generator

Most Compact & Portable Plug-in & Go Hydrogen Torch and Engine Cleaning System
Now exclusively being sold or leased through Shane  Stiehl owner of by the authorization  of Mr. Keiper himself.
These units are pre-configured to use 220 volt single phase power. All KeiperTech units are state-of-the-art, on-demand, hydrogen-oxygen gas generation systems, that takes distilled water and splits it into a hydrogen and oxygen gas at an extremely efficient rate. With efficiency greater than that of the leading competitor, you get more usable gas for the same amount of electrical power.
The extremely compact, light-weight design makes the unit very portable and easily transported.  System weight is variable depending on model and total dimensions for all models (including casters) are 30 inches high x 22 inches wide and just 20 inches deep.
This machine’s output is fully adjustable from 1 – 40 liters per minute or 1 to 2400 liters per hour and depending on the model and electrical configuration.  This gives you the ability to use many different tip sizes and have a full range of flame sizes and tip pressures.
This unit is remotely controlled by the operator’s torch handle, so when the user turns the torch off, the gas production stops at the machine but remains in cooling and standby mode until the user opens the torch handle and demands gas. Afterwards, the machine then resumes at the exact same rate as previously set. This keeps the user focused on the job at hand and not having to return to the machine to make adjustments.
We included a very easily accessible drain valve right on the front, so when it’s time to flush or drain the machine; it is as simple as turning a handle. This unit can be flushed in less than 5 minutes and flushing is the only maintenance required.
This is hands down the most efficient, light-weight, attractive, easy-to-use, and powerful oxy-hydrogen generator in the world! We thought of everything when designing this system sparing no expense while creating the very best and most user-friendly unit to grace the industry. Replace your dated machine today with KeiperTech, the new industry standard in oxygen-hydrogen torch technology.

Dyno test results Before and After that You can see for Yourself below!
                   We’ve been telling you about the amazing results we’ve been seeing when we use the KT-220 Hydrogen Gas Generator System to clean internal combustion engines, and indeed hydrogen engine cleaning is a quickly emerging market worldwide, but we decided it was time to put our money where our mouth is and gather some real world testing results.
For this test, we recruited the help of a local performance automotive shop. We were able to measure both the engine’s performance before and after the hydrogen engine cleaning, as well as carbon and oxygen gas emissions. We used a dynamometer, from industry leader Dynojet, as well as the T350 XL 5-gas analyzer from Testo to measure our results. The test vehicle was a 2002 Ford Windstar mini-van with 100,000+ miles on the engine.

Below you can see the results of the dynamometer testing. The graph shows engine power measured in horsepower as well as air/fuel ratio and engine speed. To minimize the chances of errant data we ran two tests before we performed the hydrogen engine cleaning.
Results of the test vehicle before hydrogen engine cleaning.
After performing the first two tests with the dynamometer, we used the KT-220 hydrogen generator to inject hydrogen oxygen gas into the air intake of the vehicle while it idled for about an hour. We then did 3 more tests using the dynamometer to measure the impact of the hydrogen engine cleaning. The dramatic results are shown in the graph below!

Results of the test vehicle after hydrogen engine cleaning.
As you can see by the two graphs above, the improvement in engine performance is extraordinary! Achieving a 20% gain in performance by simply cleaning your engine using hydrogen is something that most anyone can get behind. As if this alone wasn’t enough, keep reading to see what hydrogen engine cleaning did for our emissions results.

Emissions Test

                Results of the before        and after 5-gas analyzer tests.

As if the performance increases weren’t great news already, our Testo T350 XL 5-Gas Analyzer showed dramatically cleaner emissions results after running the hydrogen engine cleaning with the KT-220 hydrogen gas generator, compared to the results we saw before the cleaning.
Note the lower carbon gas (CO) emissions numbers. From a starting value 2365 ppm (parts per million), carbon gas emissions dropped to only 423 ppm after the hydrogen engine cleaning process was complete.
Likewise, oxygen (% Oxygen), Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Carbon Dioxide Spectral Analysis (% CO2-IR), and the combined reading of NO and NO2 (NOx), all showed decreases in concentration or were eliminated all-together.
These drops in environmentally harmful emissions are in no way insignificant! Drops of this magnitude could easily be the difference between a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ rating for required state emissions tests, and could save customers hundreds or thousands of dollars in costly work which would otherwise be required. Imagine the relief on your customer’s face when you tell them that thanks to cutting edge technology you have access to, you are able to resolve the issue for a fraction of the price of your competitors, not to mention deliver the vehicle in only 1 hour. The value the KT220 Industrial Hydrogen Generator offers for hydrogen engine cleaning services is nothing short of revolutionary.
Judging by the customers we’ve talked to in addition to the test results above, the potential of hydrogen engine cleaning is clearly strong. The KT-220 is superbly suited toward hydrogen engine cleaning with it’s potential to produce up to 15 liters of hydrogen oxygen gas per minute.
Watch our You Tube Proof!

The Ultimate Engine Cleaning Biz Opp. For Mechanics, Auto Shops, & Garages
The KT20-220 Hydrogen Generator is more than just a torch. The KT20-220 is the ultimate engine cleaning machine.

 Many people never think of engine cleaning, Or cleaning the inside of their engine, let alone making it a priority. But as your engine ages, it develops heavy carbon buildups on the pistons and valves. This is normal, because both gasoline and diesel are carbon based fuels. Whenever something is burned, there is always something left behind. In this case, it’s carbon. These carbon buildups cause you to lose power, idle rougher, and ultimately make your engine less efficient. This means less miles to the gallon, and more money out of your pocket. How do I avoid this costly mistake, you might ask? The answer is simple, hydrogen engine cleaning.
We have discovered a simple, affordable, and extremely effective method of engine cleaning. By simply injecting a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas into the air intake of the vehicle for 30 minutes, we allow the unique burn properties of the gas mixture to break up and burn these carbon deposits away.
This not only works, but works so well that you’ll notice the difference as soon as the engine cleaning is done. Your car will have more power, run smoother and quieter, and give you noticeably increased miles per gallon!
This engine cleaning process is SAFE. It can not and will not damage your engine. It is far more effective than any fuel additive, or other engine cleaning method you could use.
When any of the KT Series hydrogen gas generators are connected to the engine’s intake manifold via a vacuum hose / air intake, the hydrogen and oxygen enriched fuel mixture ignites inside your engine. This causes faster combustion, with greater turbulence and force, which burns more completely. Furthermore, this process also causes existing, unburned carbon residue to be burned away, yielding the best engine cleaning possible.
The byproduct of burning the oxygen-hydrogen gas from a KT Series hydrogen generator is ultra-high temperature steam. The combined effects of more complete combustion, along with the steam byproduct, act in a manner similar to getting your carpet deep cleaned.  All deposits inside the cylinders are burned off, while all deposits down stream in the exhaust (i.e., the catalytic converter) are cleaned with the super heated steam, loosened, and ejected from the tail pipe.  Water and carbon can be seen exiting the tailpipe after the 30-60 minute procedure has been completed, and the engine is revved to blow out residual material.
Immediately after the procedure is complete, the customer will notice the vehicle running smoother and quieter, with lower emissions,and  more power and torque.
For vehicles that fail the required emissions tests, this engine cleaning procedure can offer an affordable, and immediate solution for lowering their emissions.
Internal engine cleaning, using hydrogen and oxygen gas, is an untapped business, with no one to compete with because the process is new, and the market has not been over saturated.

There are two very viable candidates for this business opportunity:

1.  Any auto repair or lube shop, whether it be privately owned, or a chain (i.e.,  Jiffy Lube, Midas, Pep Boys, Sears etc.). This is an extremely profitable service to offer your customers, and your facility is already set up.  The engine cleaning machine is on wheels, it rolls in, plugs into the wall, and you are ready to start selling the engine cleaning service to your customers!  At the current price of our hydrogen engine cleaning machine, your investment would be recouped in just a few months, assuming you service 1 customer per day. But, since one machine could clean 16 cars in an 8 hour day, you’re income potential is nearly unlimited.
Replace Your Oxygen And Acetylene Tanks with One small Machine And Use Water to Burn!
In the past, industrial hydrogen torch systems were big, inefficient, and required a significant amount of maintenance to operate. KT Series Hydrogen Gas Generators change all that. Use as a hydrogen torch remains the KT Series Hydrogen Generator’s most popular application, and it’s no wonder. It’s the one of the most compact, and portable hydrogen torches on the market today, yet it exceeds the efficiency of competing hydrogen torch systems. In fact, the KT series offers greater efficiency than its closest competitors with a variable gas output from 1-40 liters per minute. That’s up to 2400 liters of hydrogen gas per hour. The KT series of generators are easy to maintain, and in the highly unlikely case that something does fail, KeiperTech makes it easy to get back up and running quickly and painlessly.
Hydrogen torch systems offer many advantages over bottled gas.
A hydrogen torch produces gas on-demand. Instead of having to maintain and fill bottles, in the way that you do with an oxy-acetylene torch system. Hydrogen gas is produced from water and electricity at the moment it’s needed. You’ll never again be left with an empty bottle while you’re in the middle of working on that important project. All the fuel you need is in a water jug!

Customer points out an electrical cable which suffered no damage after using a KT-220 Hydrogen Torch to weld the attached lug, showing the low heat dissipation.

Hydrogen torch systems concentrate heat right where it’s needed. One of the problems with torch systems like oxy-acetylene setups, is that they heat up the material around the flame instead of concentrating heat directly where it is needed. Hydrogen torches have the unique ability to heat up the spot where the flame is directed while the material around the flame remains relatively cool in comparison. We call this low heat dissipation.
VIDEO: KT-220 doesn’t burn or scar rubber electrical cable just inches from the weld point!
A hydrogen torch doesn’t create noxious fumes and hazardous gases. While many torch systems need to be used in well-ventilated areas, using any of the KT Series Industrial Hydrogen Torches produces no harmful gases or emissions which could endanger you or your employee’s health.
In addition to the advantages of hydrogen torch technology, the KT Series offers must have features that other hydrogen torches do not. The Keipertech KT Series variable gas output allows you to use many different tips sizes. Furthermore, the KT Series’ powder-coated enclosure assures that your investment will be protected even in the harshest environments.
The KT Series Hydrogen Torch is multi-operator capable. Yes, you read that right. Keipertech’s hydrogen torch systems actually produce enough hydrogen gas to support multiple users simultaneously! We offer an upgrade set that will sense what operators are doing and adjust gas output accordingly. All users are guaranteed a constant even flow of gas regardless of what the other operator is doing.
The entire system only has 2 moving components.  The electrical system houses all of the circuitry in one easy to remove and replace module, connected with a wiring harness.  This makes on-site repair fast, simple and does not require a specialist. A repair could be done by the operator, which dramatically reduces down time and losses in productivity. This feature alone makes this purchasing decision obvious. If there is a failure in the leading competitor’s machine you only have 2 options: ship a 400LB machine back to them for repair, or wait for them to come to you. Both of those options mean a lot of down time and a lot of money! With the KT Series extended down time is a thing of the past!
This unit can be flushed in less than 5 minutes and flushing is the only maintenance required. We included a very easily accessible drain valve right on the front, so when it is time to flush or drain the machine; it is as simple as turning a handle.
The KT-220 Air Cooled Hydrogen Generator Models are available for ordertoday!
This is hands down the most efficient, light-weight, attractive, easy-to-use, and powerful oxy-hydrogen torch system in the world! We thought of everything when designing this system, sparing no expense while creating the very best and user friendly unit to grace the industry. Replace your dated machine today with Keipertech, the new industry standard in oxygen-hydrogen torch technology.
CONTACT: Click Here to contact a sale representative today!
Features Benefits
Runs on Distilled Water and 220v A/C power No more oxygen acetylene tanks or refills on bottled gas/ Just use water!
Electrical plug for 220 Raedy out the box to plug in and go to work!
!-40+Liters of Hydroxy Gas Limitless Gas From water with no CO2 emissions from burning Gases
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product list

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120V Home Unit Package120V Home Unit Package
KT Series 220 Torch and Engine Clean SystemKT Series 220 Torch and Engine Clean System
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