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Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancers Electric Fuel injection Enhancers

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In the past some fuel savers would not work when attached to the fuel injected cars and trucks because the original fuel system was actually designed to prevent efficient combustion. Increasing the combustion efficiency of the engine increases the oxygen percentage in the exhaust. Most if not all fuel injection systems monitor the air/fuel ratio by monitoring the increase or decreased oxygen levels in the cars exhaust. When you attempt to “lean” the car through increasing the oxygen the cars computer gets the message from the oxygen sensors that the mixture is too lean and causes the computer to add extra fuel to correct the perceived problem. Well our EFIE will let you fine tune your ECU and reverse that problem and correct it. The EFIE allows you to apply an offset to the voltage coming from the oxygen sensor, so that your cars' computer is completely unaware the the oxygen content in the exhaust has increased. Now let me assure you that there are full instructions that will come with each EFIE that will detail how to install and how to work the little component. A question that everybody immediately asks is,"will it burn my valves?" The Reasearch Shows that you DO NOT need to worry about damaging your engine from being too lean. At wide open throttle, your computer does not use the oxygen sensor at all. Some other things about these EFIE's I thought were very appropriate were: this device alone can save you 5-10% on your fuel bill simply by leaning your fuel mixture, but it is really designed as an add-on for fuel savers such as Hydrogen Dry Cell boosting. The manual that they send with this explains how to set it up and you really requires some measurements taken on your engine under load and then setting your EFIE to stay within certain parameters of a baseline to trick to engine into thinking everything is normal. In return a 5-10% gains on top of what you will get while running the Hydrogen dry cell or just 5-10% better gas mileage with out the Hydrogen Dry Cell.

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